Top 5 Scenic Drives in Sweden


There’s plenty of scenic views that can be experienced from the road in Sweden, and picking out the top 5 drives is no easy task. It’s all about personal preference when it comes to enjoying the surrounding landscape, but Sweden definitely has something for everyone.

Here’s our 5 (+5) favorite routes in Sweden, in no particular order.

From Härjedalen
From Härjedalen
  1. The road over Flatruet (Flatruetvägen) and road 535The road over the mountain pass of Flatruet is the highest situated road in Sweden and connects the valleys of Funäsdalen and Ljungdalen in the province of Härjedalen. The drive could be associated with some difficulties as the road is sometimes closed during nighttime (at least in the winter) and when the weather is bad. But if you complete it on a nice day you’ll be handsomely rewarded; the view on top of the mountain is truly spectacular!

After Ljungdalen, road 535 takes you through a beautiful, isolated forests region out to highway 45.


  1. The Blue Road (Blå Vägen)

This stretch of road has its name from the blue Ume River (Ume älv) that runs beside it on its way through Sweden. The Blue Road actually starts in Mo i Rana in Norway and continues into Russia, with a short interruption of a ferry ride between Umeå and Vaasa in Finland.
In Sweden, the route crosses the country from west to east through a tranquil and not very populated forest landscape that is characteristic for the province of Västerbotten and the southern part of Lappland. The Blue Road is a scenic route in its true sense.


  1. Highway E4 through The High Coast of Sweden(Höga Kusten). A famous drive in Sweden that takes you through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of The High Coast in the province of Ångermanland. As part of the E4 highway, it’s very easy to take this route and no detour is needed if you’re already on your way along the coast. Read more about this fantastic area here.


  1. The Emigrants Path through Blekinge and Småland (Utvandrarnas Väg)
    A peaceful and beautiful drive through the rural countryside of southern Sweden. In addition to the scenic landscape, these areas offers a lot more in terms of culture and history than the routes situated further north. The name comes from the huge Swedish emigration to the United States that took place in the late 19th century when 1.3 million Swedes left their home in search of a better life. Many of them came from these areas of Sweden and the route tells their story with plenty of interesting stops along road.

The Emigrants Path ends up in The Kingdom of Crystal in Småland and there’s lots of other opportunities to take interesting detours; for example to the cities of Kalmar or Växjö, or even over the bridge to the island of Öland.


  1. The Cap of the North route (Nordkalottvägen)

The Cap of the North route consists of highway E10 between Kiruna and Narvik in Norway. It’s a fantastic drive that really lets you experience the stunning arctic landscape of northern Lapland, in the far northern parts of Sweden. The surroundings up here are very different from the other routes and it’s a much more rugged and serene landscape. The Cap of the North (or Nordkalotten) is a name sometimes used for the northern tip of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Nordkalotten is actually quite large and the region stretches from Norway all the way into the Kola Peninsula in Russia.

The Cap of the North route also passes through Abisko National Park and majestically displays the iconic view of Lapporten from the road; the u-shaped valley that is one of the most famous natural sights in Sweden.

A few bonus routes that shouldn’t be missed:


  1. The Northern Lights Road (Norrskensvägen)– A stunning drive in the very northernmost part of Scandinavia. The route goes between Tornio-Haparanda, on the Swedish-Finnish border, and Tromsø in Norway on the E8 highway and road 99. The name comes from all the great opportunities to watch the northern lights you’ll find along the road. Find out more about this route here.
    Be aware of speed control (Fartskontroll)
    Be aware of speed control (Fartskontroll)

  2.   The Road of Times (Tidernas väg)– A drive between the cities of Uppsala and Ånge on road 272 and 83. The name comes from the long history of this transport route through the middle parts of Sweden, which is believed to date back at least 2000 years.221215-the-wilderness-road-sweden
  3. The Wilderness Road (Vildmarksvägen)– As the name suggests, this route takes you on an exciting journey through the wilderness of northern Sweden. It’s a round-trip drive through three different provinces of Sweden with plenty of outdoor activities and adventures along the road. Find out more about The Wilderness Road here.
  4. The coastal route of Skåne in southern Sweden.221215-visby-gotland-sweden-wikipedia
  5. A round-trip of the island of Gotland.

Top 5 Scenic Drives in Sweden, source:  Sweden Roundtrip

Photos: Visit Sweden / Wikipedia

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