TOP places in Norway that can only be reached on foot

TOP places in Norway that can only be reached on foot

The most attractive and desirable are travel destinations where you can’t just go by car – you also need to get there by foot, and sometimes this path is not easy at all. Learn more about these top places in Norway that can only be reached on foot.

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We have compiled our list of unexplored destinations in Norway that will take some effort to see. But these routes are not for professional athletes but for people with little experience in sports training, which means that anyone can experience these routes.

TOP places in Norway that can only be reached on foot
Springtime at Trollveggen. Photo: Fjord Norway

Troll Wall (Trollveggen)
This is a section of the Trolltindene mountain range, well known to all climbers. It is popular because the height difference of the wall from the foot to the top is 1700 meters and at the same time the height of the vertical section of the wall is about 1000 meters! Below is a large campsite, from where experienced rock climbers begin their multi-day ascents. Ordinary tourists, on the other hand, get to this wall from the other side, also not the easiest route, overcoming several stone screes and bypassing moraine lakes along snowy trails even in August. Beautiful views accompany all the way, but the view from the observation deck on the Troll Wall itself amazes even the most seasoned tourist. The travel time to the Troll Wall from the tourist center near the upper observation deck to the Troll Stairs (Trollstigen center) and back will be 5-6 hours, elevation difference 850 – 1650m.

TOP places in Norway that can only be reached on foot
Nigardsbreen is one of the most famous tongues of the Jostedalsbreen glacier. Photo: Visit Norway

It is one of the most famous tongues of the Jostedalsbreen glacier, the largest in continental Europe. Very easy and almost flat trekking – only an hour in both directions. But on the other hand, you come to a huge array of real blue ice, from which a rather powerful river also flows. In addition to the opportunity to touch and take pictures, here you can also book an excursion and walk along the glacier in conjunction with a guide. Not cheap, but exciting.

TOP places in Norway that can only be reached on foot
Besseggen is the number 1 trekking route according to the Norwegians themselves. Photo:

This is the number 1 trekking route according to the Norwegians themselves. There are 3 points that give trekking a special charm: gorgeous views and colorful lakes all the way, no need to go back (the way there or the way back is made by boat) and the Bessegen wall itself, overcoming which is associated for many with overcoming oneself, although this wall is not at all dangerous, it is just a mountain range with a large slope. Trekking Bessegen is really iconic. Once a year, mountain runners also overcome it, and these competitions are also extremely popular! The whole journey takes 5-6 hours.

Most tourists first overcome the water part of the route and then calmly go back. In this option, it is more convenient that you have to overcome the Bessegen wall from the bottom up (this is less scary than from the top down, for those who are afraid of heights) and there is no need to rush. If you go on foot from the very beginning, you will have to hurry, as the last boat leaves back around 16h. and then you will have to go down the wall of Bessegen. But you will have almost no fellow travelers – the majority of tourists choose the first option. The highest point of the route is 1850m, the lowest is about 1000m.

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Ryten mountain and Kvalvika beach
These Scandinavian pearls are located in the Lofoten Islands, or rather on the island of Moskenesey, the extreme one from the open ocean. Getting there is relatively easy, and the views from the top (only 543m) and all kinds of angles of the bay with two golden beaches and the very atmosphere of this wonderful place make it a must to visit! If you start the journey only to the beach and back, it will take only 2.5-3 hours with a maximum climb of 300m. The route with the beach and Mount Ryten will take about 5 hours up to 550m, in which case you can make a round trip.

TOP places in Norway that can only be reached on foot
Skåla is the most difficult route of this rating. Photo: Sommerferie i Norge

Perhaps this is the most difficult route of this rating. After all, you have to climb from a height of 50 meters right up to 1850 meters, the road takes an average of 5 hours up and 3 hours down – a full day. But the panoramic views of Innvikfjorden, the emerald lake Lovatnet, the numerous tongues of the largest glacier in continental Europe, Jostedalsbreen Jostedalsbreen, opening up as you rise, will more than pay off your “physical costs”!

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Feature image (on top) Kvalvika beach. Photo © Lofoten Info


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