Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners

Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners: Where to Study?

Studying at Scandinavian universities is a worthwhile experience for international students. The countries in the region have well-known and top-ranking educational systems that give students both the practical skills and the sense of confidence that they need to succeed in their future careers. Learn more about the top Scandinavian universities for foreigners.

Almost all Scandinavian universities offer their courses in English for international students and have various scholarships in different fields of study. To get accepted as a foreign student, you need to have excellent grades, a strong resume, and an inspiring admission essay. If you want to study abroad in Scandinavia, you should enlist the help of a professional essay writer so that you can compose a persuasive essay.

Read on to learn about the top 6 universities in Scandinavia according to the Times Higher Education ranking.

Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners: Where to Study?
City campus, University of Copenhagen. Photo: Wikipedia

University of Copenhagen
The University of Copenhagen is a Denmark-based university that ranks among the top 100 world institutes of higher education in the world. It offers more than 200 study programs in a wide range of fields such as medical sciences, humanities, law, and engineering.

By integrating teaching and research, the university fosters unique skills and technical knowledge in students and helps them get ready for both private and public job sectors.

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Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners: Where to Study?
Summer home at Lund University.

Lund University
Lund University is one of the most popular colleges in Sweden, which is also on the list of top 100 universities in the world. The university offers more than 100 different programs, all of which are taught in English and span a variety of subjects such as engineering, medicine, management, arts, and humanities.

Scandinavian students and citizens of European countries are eligible to study in Sweden for free. Lund University has more than 600 partners worldwide. So, if you’re from other countries and have already enrolled in one of these partner universities, you can study at Lund for free by applying for their study abroad exchange programs. Besides, the write my essay online service can help you improve your chances of getting accepted by helping you write an excellent admission essay.

Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners: Where to Study?
Royal Institute of Technology KTH

Royal Institute of Technology KTH
KTH Royal Institute is the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden. In the fields of technology and sciences, it conducts one-third of technological research in Sweden at the university level. Students get to study in real-life situations and do practical research by closely collaborating with various industries.

Its educational programs cover a great number of areas in engineering, natural sciences, urban planning, and architecture. The institute also encourages students to seek innovation in real-world challenges and problems.

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Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners: Where to Study?
Uppsala University

Uppsala University
Uppsala University has been providing professional education and research of the highest academic standards for over 500 years now. The university is Sweden’s first one, and now it’s among the top 50 European universities.

The university offers over 50 English programs at the master’s levels, such as science and technology, medicine, and humanities. In 2017, the university has added four novel bachelor’s programs in the fields of game design and energy transition.

The ultimate goal of Uppsala University is to offer a high quality of education and research to offer solutions to different global challenges.

Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners: Where to Study?
Oslo University city center. Photo: Wikipedia

The University of Oslo
The University of Oslo has more than 200 years of history in Norway and ranks among 100 top universities worldwide. It offers more than 800 English courses at both bachelor’s and master’s levels.

The university’s focus is on research-based learning and it has developed powerful research communities in different areas. It also helps students to find their professional interests and goals while working with them to fulfill those goals and gain experience in that specific area.

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Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners: Where to Study?
Albano, Stockholm University

Stockholm University
Located in Sweden’s capital city Stockholm, the university allows students to have a life that provides them with more business opportunities. Stockholm University is internationally ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

It provides more than 70 programs at the master level taught in English through the fields of science, social science, humanities, and law. The university allows its students to interact closely in the framework of various research activities. It also emphasizes on the provision of courses that meet the needs of the global community.

Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners. Bottom Line
Almost all universities in the Scandinavian countries are ranked highly on a global scale. They offer a high-quality educational system and research activities that cover nearly all kinds of study subjects in English, making them the best choice for international students.

Top Scandinavian Universities for Foreigners: Where to Study?
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