Norwegian Designer Makes Traditionally Knitted Reading Lamps


Cosy Concept is all about going back in time, use old handicraft techniques and old patterns to give them a modern look. With traditional patterns the Norwegian designer Turid Lindeland creates handicrafts of high quality.

201114_garnglede_i_rosendal-lindeland_turidTurid has written the book Garnglede i Rosendal (Joy with Yarn in Rosendal), inspired by an old sock pattern and an old hotel from 1887 in Rosendal. She has given traditional patterns a modern look both when it comes to color and choice of models. Her vision is to preserve the ancient handicraft techniques shown here in knitting and crocheting and making tangible products as counterpart to today’s disposable.

Together with the Norwegian design company Northern Lighting, the Norwegian designer Turid Lindeland has created a fusion between old and new. The result is a tribute to the Norwegian folk tradition and design – a real Norwegian icon. They have created the Cosy Concept hand knitted Seed-lamp. The limited edition is made in three different colors: light blue, green and gray.

Seed is a wall mounted nightlight designed to create a unique reading environment. Through a filtered LED light source, Seed creates a soft beam that makes it possible to read in bed while your partner sleeps. The rotatable arm of light enables different angles and can easily be attached to the wall at any desired position.

Norwegian designer, Turid Lineland, now also makes traditionally knitted reading lamps.

Northern Lighting was founded in 2005, and has since established itself as a small dynamic Nordic company specializing in design and manufacture of lights. Northern Lighting creates designer lights for different moods inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture and society and the very special natural light.

The company delivers its creations to commercial projects and retailers in more than 30 countries, always following the same basic values. Northern Lighting reflects the fact that it is a young, fun, playful and mood-oriented lighting company, which uses its light portfolio to represent and promote the joy of creative design and the Nordic geographical and cultural heritage within the international design scene. The place of origin explains the choice of the name, Northern Lighting – inspired by the company’s positioning on top of the world in the Kingdom of Norway.

Northern Lighting
 is a commercial hub for designers. The people responsible for the generation of these designer lamps include both young up-and-coming talents and recognized designers. Despite their different levels of experience, the designers have one thing in common; they are fiery souls who are fascinated by the mood-creating possibilities of light.