Money-saving Tips When Traveling to Scandinavia


How to save money , travelling in Scandinavia

Whether you want to see the Northern Lights, or island-hopping off the coast of Denmark, explore Norway’s fjords or see brown bears in Sweden, we are pleased to give you some money-saving tips. At least, buy the City Cards, and the City Bikes are a cheap and good way to explore the capitals.

City Cards
Scandinavia’s capitals (and some larger cities such as Göteborg) offer 24- and 48-hour tourist cards, which are well worth the money as the price includes admission to many museums, galleries and tourist attractions, and usually free access to public transport or car-parking.

City Cards in Norway are an excellent travel tip and a great value for travelers. The Oslo and Bergen city cards are available in different lengths and pay for themselves quickly with free admission on most sights and attractions, free parking, free public transportation, and much more. Here are the details of the city card programs in Oslo and Bergen:

“The Oslo Pass” – The City Card for Oslo, Norway

The Oslo Pass gives you free entry to more than 30 museums and attractions, free travel on all public transport, free parking in municipal car parks, free entry to outdoor swimming pools, free walking tours, discounts on sightseeing, ski simulator, Tusenfryd Amusement Park, concert tickets, climbing, ski and bike rental, and special offers in restaurants, shops, entertainment and leisure venues. 240213_OsloPass

You decide whether you want a card that is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours. The card is valid from the time you validate it by writing the time and date in the space provided. From that moment, the pass is valid for the number of hours indicated on it. An Oslo Pass for children is available at a reduced rate. Along with the Oslo Pass, you will receive the Oslo Pass booklet, describing all the benefits for Oslo Pass holders. – See more at:

“The Bergen Card” – The City Card for Bergen, Norway

Want to save money in Bergen? Get the city card. Like other city cards, the Bergen Card grants you free admission to attractions and sights in the city, along with free public transportation and parking. Here, the city card also gives you access to cultural events, sightseeing trips, and additional savings in local restaurants and shops!

The Bergen Card is available in 1 and 2 day durations. Make sure to take a look at the Bergen Card Handbook that comes with the city card – it lists all the free and discounted destinations for you. Even cheaper than Oslo’s city card, and children pay less than half of the adult price!

City Card for Stockholm: The Stockholm Card (Stockholmskortet)

The most popular travel discount card among Sweden’s city cards is certainly the Stockholm Card (in Swedish: Stockholmskortet). This city card offers free public transportation in Stockholm and surrounding area, free admission to 75+ museums/attractions, free boat tours, hotel discounts, etc.

You can also opt for the SL Tourist Card (free public transportation through Greater Stockholm, along with free admission to Grona Lund amusement park.) Either card is available at tourist information offices in Stockholm, many campsites and hostels,
Gothenburg City Card gives you free entrance to plenty of sights, attractions, museums and day trips. Free parking and unlimited travel on trams, buses and boats are also included. You also recieve a book of discount shopping coupons with offers in selected stores.


This page shows everything that you get with your City Card. Some of the attractions are only open during the summer or winter season, please double-check the opening hours to be sure what’s open during your visit.

The Copenhagen card: Read what’s included. 250214_Copenhagen_cards
Youth hostels in Scandinavia are well worth considering: they tend to be good value, family-oriented and have excellent facilities. Bring your own sheets and towels to save on rental costs.

Swedish hostel
Swedish hostel

City Bikes
Getting around Scandinavian cities by bicycle is generally a liberating experience. Borrow bicycles for free in Norway (Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim) and Denmark (Copenhagen) and explore further afield.

Oslo City Bikes
Oslo City Bikes

Self-service buffet breakfasts in hostels and hotels are a great boon to the thrifty traveler.  Fill up in the morning; at lunchtime snack on sandwiches or look for the daily special on restaurant menus; many places do “early bird” evening deals, usually between 5.30pm and 7pm.

Breakfast buffet in Sweden
Breakfast buffet in Sweden

Wild, empty space is Scandinavia’s greatest treasure. Get back to nature with a tent and immerse yourself in solitude.

Free Festivals
Check what’s on and when. Many Scandinavian festivals have free as well as ticketed events: for example, at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July, the city streets become a venue.


Use these money-saving tips when traveling to Scandinavia!