Travelling to and Enthralling Activities in Sweden


Sweden is blessed with thousands of inland lakes and coastal islands, along with glaciated mountains and vast arctic forests. Stockholm, the nation’s capital, which you are most likely to fly into, also has coastal and historic features to enjoy. Read more about travelling to and enthralling activities in Sweden.

You can also take a bridge from Copenhagen to southern Malmö and enjoy incredible architecture like the medieval St. Peter’s Church and have a great time with loved ones. The nation is home to museums, royal palaces and the medieval old town of Gamla Stan. Sweden is also home to the moist powder smokeless tobacco product snus.It’s placed in upper lips for extended periods and all over Sweden you can notice men as well as women enjoying Skruf snus, a tobacco free alternative, which is also important to local culture.

Travelling to and Enthralling Activities in Sweden
Skruf snus, a tobacco free alternative, which is also important to local culture

Its popularity partly comes from the fact that it’s a traditional Swedish product. Snus was originally invented in Sweden in early 18th centrury, and Skruf became a leading brand in the early 2000s

Cultural Heritage
Swedes have a cultural heritage that’s easy for outsiders to enjoy. The culture is frequently seen as being reserved. One way of demonstrating this humility is their affection for snus. In many cultures people smoke large cigarettes or cigars as a status symbol to show off wealth, while snus is better known for its subtly.

Travelling to and Enthralling Activities in Sweden
From Stockholm Cathedral

Celebrations are reserved but are still immensely important and eagerly enjoyed. Due to the high adoption of snus, research shows that Swedes record the lowest level of tobacco-related deaths among largely populated countries. Another reason snus is popular is that it is one of few countries that allows its legal distribution.

Travelling to and Enthralling Activities in Sweden
Model of Vasa stern

Tourist Attractions in Sweden
Being in the nation that invented snus and among people enjoying their Skruf, there are many amazing destinations to visit as a tourist. One example is the Vasa Museum. Vasa is a Swedish warship from the 17th century whose history you can absorb. Another great site is the Kalmar Castle in southern Sweden. Kalmar has been in existence since the early 12th century, making it one of the oldest fortifications in Sweden. Built in 1160, it has been remarkably well preserved. Your tour also wouldn’t be complete if you don’t visit Visby. This is the largest island in Sweden and boasts many examples of medieval architecture.

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Feature image (on top): Stockholm’s Gamla Stan (Photo Wikipedia)

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