Two Swedish Sisters sing for Peace in Syria


Two Swedish sisters from the town of Sodertalje near Stockholm have posted a video on You Tube, now seen by more than 1.3 million.

The two Swedish sisters , Rihan (23) and Faia Younan (22) whose family is from Syria, say on the video that the three-year-long war is “crazy, selfish and illogical”. The sisters speak and even sing in Arabic as they urge politicians to work together and resolve the crisis so the country can be “safe, prosperous, triumphant and dignified” again.


The video, in which the two Swedish sisters sing for peace, was posted at the beginning of October but were first picked up by international media last month. Since then thousands of YouTube users have left comments with the hashtag #ToOurCountries.

‘To Our Countries’ is an 8 minute and 44 second plea to the Arab world to take action against the injustice and suffering sweeping the Middle East. The video is a project produced by a group of youths who live in Sweden, originally from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. The two young Syrians created a heartbreakingly exquisite tribute to Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon; summarizing the mixture of pain and hope that reverberates the troubled region.

Faia says the sisters want to remind everyone how beautiful their native country was and hope it will regain its original charm in the near future.

Many people have contacted them and thanked them for posting the video.

“Our aim is to show the world that there is a need to show something else than blood, crying and destroyed buildings in Syria. Let Syria return to its dignified beauty again,” Faia concludes.