Unique Wallpaper Designed by Norwegian Designer


Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik designed a unique wall mural collection for the Swedish design brand Photowall. Inspired by old techniques, Andreas created three hand-painted patterns, all in different color schemes. The Manuscript collection is a unique wallpaper designed by the Norwegian designer.

“I have long been fascinated by handprints, and their capacity and ability to create things. Whereas the digital is often related to technology, the hand associates more with the body, the mind and nature. Manuscript is a visual and aesthetic collection that helps to create a personal space by exploring the relationship between these different expressions,” says Andreas Engesvik.

Unique Wallpaper Designed by Norwegian Designer
Fresh summer rain on the wall, by Andreas Engesvik for Photowall

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Unique Wallpaper Designed by Norwegian Designer
The collaboration between Photowall and Andreas Engesvik unites traditional and digital techniques, where each pattern is first hand-painted by Andreas and then printed digitally in Photowall’s studio in Stockholm. The hand-painted patterns of the wall murals create life and movement, which in turn adds an interesting dynamic to the collection.

Unique Wallpaper Designed by Norwegian Designer
“I have long been fascinated by handprints, and their capacity and ability to create things,” says Andreas Engesvik

Working with new designers
The idea for Photowall was born in 2006 when the founders, brothers Charlie and Niklas Johansson, decided to try out something brand new by creating bespoke digital wall murals. Since the start, Photowall has worked with new designers, well-known brands and illustrators to create inspiring, different wall design and wallpapers. To take the next step towards becoming a more well-established design brand, working with Andreas Engesvik was a natural choice for Photowall.

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“Since the beginning our heart has been in color and form, and we want design to be available to everybody – which is why we’ve always focused on our design collaborations. It’s fantastic that Andreas wanted to create wallpaper patterns with us. Since we print to order and have our own production facilities locally, we can quality assure our products in a different way than if production had been abroad. This means we can offer high quality at every stage to a global market,” says Niklas Johansson, one of Photowall’s founders.

Unique Wallpaper Designed by Norwegian Designer
Red berries, by Andreas Engesvik for Photowall

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The Manuscript collection is available exclusively from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals.

Photowall – wall decor by passionate people
“We believe that the walls of a room affect how we feel. That’s why our mission is to help people fill their walls with great art. We have a carefully selected a diverse range of products. With passion and attention to detail, it is our pleasure to help you transform your home to reflect your personality. Our products are manufactured in Sweden and shipped world-wide,” is a statement on Photowall’s website.

Unique Wallpaper Designed by Norwegian Designer, based on a press release from Photowall

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