Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor

Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor

We are all familiar with the blockbuster Vikings TV series. Might be some of us are not big fans of the historical series but their house interior is an inspiration. If you want to change your living space, then it will be a great suggestion to transform it into a delightful Viking-inspired interior. The radiant colors of the Nordic atmosphere will enrich your living space and make it simply delightful. Here are some ways to embrace Viking-inspired décor for your living space.

A Touch of Fur in the Home Accessories
Vikings were very fond of using original animal fur in different accessories. It was considered a prevailing element at that time. You can enrich armchairs, mats, rugs, and decoration pieces with fur. Always use artificial fur to remain cruelty-free. Artificial fur is very much like original animal fur. A bedroom is the best area to use fur on cushion covers and floor mats.

Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor
Most of the Nordic countries follow the concept of Hygge which means comfort

Add Warmth to Your Room
Most of the Nordic countries follow the concept of Hygge which means comfort. We have seen in the movies that the Viking’s homes appear to be very cozy, warm, and comfortable. Contrary to this, our current lifestyle appears very cold having vibrant colors. Use some natural tones of green, grey, and black to build a soft warm outlook. Use plenty of pillows, a soft plush throw blanket, and warm textiles as bed covers if you have a love for Viking culture.

Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor
The walls of your home are an excellent place to display decoration pieces that depict the Viking’s era

Vikings Theme-Based Wall Hangings
The walls of your home are an excellent place to display decoration pieces that depict the Viking’s era. These wall hangings include opulent deer antlers, Viking swords, candle holders, leaf ceiling fans, and many other small items to be placed on shelves. If you are a great fan of Viking décor, you can carve the walls of your bedroom to place candles and lanterns. It is also a great idea to paint the walls of your home to reflect Viking mythology.

Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor
Odin with ravens bedding

Use Clean-Lined Furniture
As we all know that the Vikings period was a simpler time when there was no fancy furniture. The wood is partly polished for making the furniture. To achieve that authentic wood look, choose some furniture with clean lines and rough carving. Carving is an optional suggestion.

Once you choose the furniture, now it is time to place it. Always place your furniture in an eye-catching area of your living room. Try to use a Viking-inspired dining table with three-legged chairs. You can also use the Viking theme on your bed set.

Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor
Viking view chalet interior. Photo: Decoholic

Use of Stone, Wood, and Concrete
As seen in movies, Vikings use raw wooden furniture with utensils mostly made of stone. The walls were made of stones with huge wooden logs for supporting the roof. To get this divine feeling of the Viking environment, use slightly processed wood for making furniture. The visible wood lines give a genuine wood look. Decorated the walls with rustic concrete bricks to enhance the authenticity of the Nordic atmosphere.

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Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor
Rustic wooden barrel resin mug with large handle and stainless steel insert

Embrace Negative Space
The Viking’s living spaces are never congested. There were minimal items inside the living areas, mostly only the necessary ones. We are born in an era where thicker interior design seems catchier. But that is not the case when it comes to Nordic living style.

While upgrading to a Viking-themed interior, embrace the negative space. Here is a tip for you on embracing negative space. Empty the living area first then add items piece by piece. Make yourself comfortable with the theme before transforming your home.

Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor
Elder futhark runes bedset

Use of Subdued Colors
The most important part of creating a theme-based interior is to carefully choose the color. Whatever theme you are intended to apply to your interior, it is always the colors that highlight the backdrop. When it comes to Viking culture, they use subdued shades that were the only natural colors available at that time. You can go for pastel shades with bluish and greyish tones.

Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor
Ragnarok bedding set

Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor – Final Thoughts
“Less is more” is the basic idea that attracts many of us towards the Viking culture. Indeed, it is possible to design a comfortable, cozy, and natural living place with less budget and minimum items. Being close to nature enhances the aesthetics and provides mental relaxation. That is why many of us are very obsessed with Viking themed home decors. These tips are helpful for you if you are planning to transform your home.

Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor
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Ways to Embrace Viking-Inspired Décor
God Votan bedding set

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