Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia

Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia

The International hotel operator Deutsche Hospitality takes over majority of Danish hotel brand Zleep Hotels. Ten hotels in Denmark and one hotel in Sweden are currently part of the Zleep Hotels portfolio, and four more are in the planning stage.  Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia

With a 51 percent investment in the family-run Zleep Hotels, Deutsche Hospitality is bringing a fifth hotel brand under the umbrella of the global player, thus creating the best possible conditions for further growth of all brands.

Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia
Room at Zleep Hotel, Copenhagen airport

Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia
The Danish chain of hotels has big ambitions. “We are here for the many, because we want to ensure that as many as possible can afford traveling as well as having a real hotel experience,” says a statement on their webpage.

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Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia
From Zleep Hotel, Billund, Denmark

Deutsche Hospitality enters into the economy market with its portfolio of Zleep Hotels and plans massive investments in further development. The umbrella brand Deutsche Hospitality combines four well-known hotel brands: Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, MAXX by Steigenberger, Jaz in the City and IntercityHotel. With the Zleep Hotels brand, Deutsche Hospitality is expanding its product offering, entering the economy market and expanding into Scandinavia for the first time.

Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia
Thomas Willms, CEO Deutsche Hospitality

Zleep Hotels have been a markable success story
“Zleep Hotels are the perfect complement to our brand portfolio,” explains Thomas Willms, CEO, Deutsche Hospitality. “Peter Haaber, the founder and CEO of Zleep Hotels, has created a remarkable success story in the past few years in establishing a well-known brand among those guests who are price-conscious but at the same time emphasize on design and quality during their hotel stay. With their strong presence in Scandinavia, Zleep Hotels are the ideal partner for the further growth of Deutsche Hospitality,” Willms continues.

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Both parties, Deutsche Hospitality and Zleep, will invest a multi-digit million amount in the further development of the company. Zleep also offers the platform and the knowledge for Deutsche Hospitality to expand in Northern Europe with all brands.

Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia
Peter Haaber, CEO Zleep Hotels, Scandinavia

Zleep’s vision is to deliver quality
CEO Peter Haaber will strengthen the success of Zleep within the brand family of Deutsche Hospitality: “Zleep’s vision is to always deliver quality, service and design at a great rate for the many. Since our founding in 2003, Zleep has developed into a well-known and successful hotel brand in Scandinavia. The cooperation with Deutsche Hospitality enables us to gain a foothold in Central Europe in particular. So, the different brands complement each other perfectly and we can develop together,” he says.

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About Deutsche Hospitality
Deutsche Hospitality brings together four separate hotel brands under a single umbrella. Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts has 60 hotels housed in historic traditional buildings and lively city residences and also offers health and beauty oases set at the very heart of nature. MAXX by Steigenberger is a new and charismatic concept which places the focus on the essential in accordance with its motto “MAXXimize your stay”. Jaz in the City branded hotels reflect metropolitan lifestyle and draw upon the local music and cultural scene. And IntercityHotel offers more 40 upper mid-range urban hotels, all of which are located within easy walking distance of railway stations or airports. A further 30 hotels are currently at the development stage. This means that the Deutsche Hospitality portfolio currently encompasses a total of over 130 hotels on three continents.

Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia
Zleep Hotels develops new check-in solution

About Zleep Hotels
Zleep Hotels was founded in 2003 by Peter Haaber. Since, the brand has established itself as a main player on the Danish hotel market with big potential in the rest of the Nordics. Zleep Hotels is an innovative company on the road to success. Its vision is to always deliver quality, service and design at a great rate for the many. Today, the hotel brand consists of 10 hotels in Denmark and one in Sweden. A total of four hotel projects are already published and in the pipeline. The goal is to operate 40 in 2025. To realize this goal, Zleep Hotels must prove its competences to be considered an attractive franchiser, partner and investment. Deutsche Hospitality’s acquisition of a stake in the brand is a stamp of approval for property developers.

Welcome to Zleep Hotels in Scandinavia, is based on a press release from Deutsche Hospitality