What are the most visited places in Denmark?

What are the most visited places in Denmark?

With its fairytale-like castles, engaging museums, and Viking past, Denmark is rapidly becoming one of Scandinavia’s most popular countries to visit. It boasts a temperate climate and beautiful beaches to enjoy in the summer months, as well as the cozy conviviality of hygge to embrace during the wintertime. What are the most visited places in Denmark?  Read on to find out.

If you’re planning a visit to Denmark, you might be wondering which destinations you should add to your itinerary to discover the best this country has to offer. This article covers seven of the top places to visit, both in the capital and beyond. When it comes to finding accommodation during your stay, you’ll find a wealth of options at Rentola Denmark. It lists properties in all corners of the country, including apartments in Copenhagen and holiday cottages in Jutland. Thanks to an efficient railway network, you’re never far from the country’s highlights, no matter where you choose to stay.

Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

If you want to see how the Danish royals live, then don’t miss a visit to Christiansborg Palace. You can step inside the opulently decorated Royal Reception Rooms and visit the Royal Kitchen where banquets were prepared in times gone by. It’s also possible to tour the Royal Stables and admire horse-drawn vehicles dating back to the 18th century. Hidden beneath the palace are the remains of a 12th-century castle, which can be explored on guided tours. Just a stone’s throw from Christiansborg Palace are all the rides and attractions of Tivoli Gardens.

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What are the most visited places in Denmark?
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Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

If you’ve ever wanted to experience life on a Viking ship, then this fascinating museum in Roskilde is not to be missed. Its exhibits center around five original ships that were excavated in the 1960s and detail how they were constructed and how they are being restored. A highlight of the Viking Museum is the “Climb Aboard” experience, which allows you to dress up and discover what it was like to sail in rough seas. Adjacent to the museum is a boatyard where traditional methods are being used to bring antique vessels back to life.

Kronborg Slot, Helsingør

In the town of Helsingør is one of Denmark’s most famous castles, which provided the inspiration for Elsinore in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. It is now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with much of its current structure dating from the mid-17th century. After marveling at its Renaissance architecture, you can tour the Knights’ Hall and admire the centuries-old tapestries on display in the West Wing. Throughout your visit, hear about the castle’s role as a garrison and a fortress, protecting the important trade waters of the Øresund.

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What are the most visited places in Denmark?
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LEGO House, Billund

Billund is the birthplace of LEGO and these iconic bricks are celebrated at the family-friendly LEGO House. It is home to 25 million miniature bricks and occupies an innovative modern building inspired by LEGO. In addition to paid experiences, there are several free areas that include themed playgrounds and a 15-meter-high LEGO Tree of Life. Adult fans of LEGO will appreciate the Masterpiece Gallery, which reflects the creativity of older builders, and the LEGO Vault where unopened editions of every LEGO set ever produced are on display.

Den Gamle By, Aarhus

Translating as “The Old Town”, this open-air museum recreates life in Aarhus in times gone by. It lies within the city’s picturesque botanical gardens where more than 70 historical buildings are on display. In addition to 16th-century half-timbered residences, a post office and a theater, there are workshops where traditional artisans are busy at work. Also within the complex is the Danish Poster Museum, the Gallery of Decorative Arts, and a history display titled “Aarhus Story”.

Egeskov Slot, Kvarnstrup

Completed in 1554, Egeskov Slot is a magnificent water castle and among the best-preserved of Europe’s moated fortifications. It has been owned by several families throughout its storied past before being opened to the public in 1959. The Renaissance architecture of Egeskov Slot is best admired from its landscaped park, which includes four hedge mazes, a vegetable garden, and one of Denmark’s largest collections of fuchsias. Also within the grounds is the half-timbered Ladegården, a collection of vintage cars and automobiles, as well as a museum detailing the agricultural heritage of the area.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense

The fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen is one of Denmark’s most famous exports and this museum in Odense is a “must” for anyone who loves his work. It occupies a small yellow house where he was born in 1805 and has functioned as a museum since 1908. In addition to personal belongings and sketches by Andersen, there are interactive exhibits that help to bring his writing to life. Also part of the museum is Hans Christian Andersen’s childhood home, Andersen’s Barndomshjem, which is located a short stroll away.

What are the most visited places in Denmark? Written dedicatedly for Daily Scandinavian by Uliana Veremchuk.

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