Where to Go Kayaking in Scandinavia

Where to Go Kayaking in Scandinavia

Kayaking is always at its best when you do it in the land of rivers. Just try paddling across a river in Scandinavia and you will know what kind of magic these rivers hold in their depths. Read more about where to go kayaking in Scandinavia here.

Kayaking is a mental exercise as much as it is a physical one, so if you live there, or happen to be visiting, don’t miss the chance of taking your kayak across the river and enjoy connecting with the grandiose sights you will be visiting as you travel through the river. If seeing plunging cliffs or thousands of miles of rocky coasts excites you, then kayaking in Scandinavian waters is going to be an unforgettable experience. Prepare your clothes, kayak, and paddles, because if you’re kayaking in Scandinavia, then you should have the optimum equipment for it.

Where to Go Kayaking in Scandinavia
Kayaking is a mental exercise as much as it is a physical one.

Before You Go
What You Should Prepare

You will of course need a good, sturdy kayak. You will also need a paddle, one paddle per person if you have company, and it wouldn’t hurt if you have an extra paddle at your disposal. Don’t forget about how you’re going to transport all that! Kayaks are pretty heavy and can be almost 2 meters in length, so this should be taken into consideration if you are going to use your car to transport it. You can find more tips here on how to transport your kayak safely. Damaging your car must be avoided as much as damaging your kayak, so pay attention as you purchase the proper tools for transportation.

You will also need a PFD or a Personal Floatation Device, one per person, as it is necessary especially if you’re a beginner paddler. A spray skirt is essential as it will keep the water out of your kayak. You will have to make sure it will fit you and your kayak. You will need a waterproof bag to store your gadget there, and a helmet and a headlamp if you are going kayaking in the dark. Maps, GPS, a towline, and extra waterproof bags are indispensable as well.

Where to Go Kayaking in Scandinavia
Kayaking the fjords of Norway. Photo: Visit Bergen

What You Should Wear
Your clothes should be comfortable, layered, and appropriate to the water temperature and not the day temperature. Avoid at all costs wearing cotton; it will absorb water and it will remain wet for a long while even in high temperatures. You will also have to heed the sun, because despite cloud coverage, you are susceptible to burns, so your clothes should protect you from the sun. You can also use sunscreen for protection from UV rays. Don’t forget to wear your PFD. It is important that you never take it off when you’re on the water.

With that said, you are probably excited to know all about where you should go kayaking in the vast lands of Scandinavia. There are definitely multiple places from which you can choose from. Here are some places that you will definitely love and should consider going to when you embark on your kayaking adventure.

Where to Go Kayaking in Scandinavia
Kayaking in Sweden. Photo: Visit Sweden

Stockholm is the perfect place to go kayaking. Once winter is over and all the green colors flush out the white, you will see multiple people going to the rivers to enjoy a beautiful day in the warm weather. Rivers around the city will be filled with the pleasing sight of multiple kayaks as people start to paddle around the city. Paddling in kayaks is an easy means of transport for tourists since the city is made up of small islands. If you don’t have one, there are multiple rental spots dotted around Stockholm, and they will give you the option to rent single or double kayaks. They will also cover PFDs and necessary gear in the price.

The Lake District In Denmark
The dazzling lake district is famous for its forests, hills, its vintage nature, mountains, museums, and of course, its breathtaking lakes! This is why it attracts so many people to go out and do all sorts of things. Whether you go canoeing or kayaking, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss exploration of all those sceneries and you will find yourself going back to certain places again, just to watch the sunset from there. Kayaking is truly charming when you’re surrounded by all that greenery, so don’t miss the chance of adventuring there.

Where to Go Kayaking in Scandinavia
Kayaking in Copenhagen. Photo: Flickr

Northern Sweden
If you’re on the northern side of Sweden, then you’re in luck. There are multiple rivers like Ume, The Torne, and Lule that will make your journey a true adventure into the wilderness. You will get to see the highest coast in the world. You will also get to see the Gulf of Bothnia, and Unesco World Heritage site and enjoy the mountainous landscape and the magnificent archipelago as you traverse the Swedish rivers. So, buckle up and prepare your paddles because kayaking there is a priceless experience!

Åland Island
Kayaking in the archipelago of the beautiful Åland island is a wondrous experience. Just try searching for the location on your search engine, and you will get multiple pictures of astounding landscapes. Seeing them and being actually there floating on the undisturbed line of the water is a whole different thing! Kayaking in the embrace of nature is truly something that you wouldn’t want to miss, so it’s best you try it. Be aware that the wind picks up at any given moment and the weather can change depending on where you are on the island, so make sure to dress accordingly.

Geiranger In Norway
Enjoy paddling in your kayak as you travel through the beautiful rippling water of Norway, and discover new scenic places as you tour the place. This tour is better be prepared with a tour guide to point out all the necessary information of places you’re going to see like the Seven Sisters Waterfall and don’t forget to bring your camera with you to capture the majesty of the looming hills and the expanse of land surrounding you!

Where to Go Kayaking in Scandinavia
Kayaking Reinefjorden, Norway. Photo: Visit Norway

Kayaking in Scandinavia is one of the best methods to see everything in one tour. It is exhilarating, it is magical, and it will provide you with memories for years to come. Kayaking in archipelagos is the perfect opportunity to do exercises and getting to see nature in its true form, so don’t miss out on that and start your journey!

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