White Nights in Northern Sweden


Come inside the Arctic Circle, where during most of the summer, the sun never sets.

Scandinavian countries that lie inside the Arctic Circle provide some very interesting White Night experiences. Because the sun does not set throughout the night, you can take the opportunity to change the way you travel…take a chance, do something you haven’t done before, stay up late (really late.) Start your day at midnight and see what happens!

White Night Travel Tips

Go Hiking
Lapland is the best place in Sweden to see the world-famous white night phenomena, a time when the night is just a dimmer version of day. Hiking in the untamed mountains of Lapland during this season is a rare adventure as the glowing light illuminates the trees and casts a glow over everything it reaches. 4013_GoEco-White-Night-Hike

Hit the trails at midnight and let the magical light illuminating the landscape make what would be just a hike, extraordinary. From Reykjavik, Iceland, for example, you can take a White Nights Hike with GoEcco Outdoor Adventures. (We have cheated a little here, since Iceland belong to the Northern countries but in fact is not a part of the three Scandinavian entities). This hike takes you into the wild, past areas of geothermal steam, and offers an opportunity to bathe in a secret wilderness outdoor river.

The area between Björkliden and the country border, Sweden is blessed with more than 600 lakes and large numbers of small rivers and brooks, called ‘jokkar’. This area is easy to hike and is stunningly beautiful. The fishing is a bit challenging as the local species are mainly Arctic char, brown trout, whitefish and burbot. 4013_Midnight-Fishing-in-Bjorkliden

And, for a more relaxed vacation, there are several cruise lines that offer Midnight Sun Cruises. On these cruises you can experience the effects of the special light from the sun on the open sea. 4013_MSNordkapp_Trollfjorden_Trym_Ivar_Bergsmo

Come to Scandinavia next summer, where White Nights mean summer fun and magical adventures.

Written by the Daily Scandinavian staff.