Why Move Abroad?

Why Move Abroad?

There are many reasons to move abroad, and everyone who take this big step should have their own goals in mind. Why move abroad?

Perhaps you’re considering an overseas job offering career progression or a better family life which you can’t get at home – or maybe even just a better salary! Or perhaps you’re looking forward to early retirement, enjoying your days in balmy weather with enough money to satisfy all the basics and more.

And if you do take the leap into expat life, you’ll discover unexpected benefits. Insights into other cultures and ways of life, new ways of thinking and doing things, and a chance to meet and befriend some truly fascinating and inspiring people.

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Why Move Abroad?
Expatriate life is not an extended holiday, and it’s not for everyone.

Research, Evaluation and Planning

Expatriate life is not an extended holiday, and it’s not for everyone, but one important thing is careful planning, it’s the key to a successful move. And there’s so much to plan! Finances, housing, healthcare, culture… the list goes on.

That’s why we’re launching Expat in Scandinavia. Our aim is to continually follow up our three I’s: Information – Inspiration – Integration.

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Why Move Abroad?
Careful planning, is the key to a successful move.

Making A Visit Before Moving

Our top tip before you move – please visit the country first.

Yes, we know a week or two isn’t the same as living there, but feel the temperature, see the culture in action, hear the noise of the traffic and taste the local food. You’ll soon know whether a place is for you, or at least what positives and negatives to consider.

And then? Get planning! With a short trip, you saw a snapshot at one location during one point of the year. Six months later and just a few miles of distance could reveal a whole different landscape. The more you plan, the better your chances of making a successful move – with exceptional opportunities to change your life for the better.

The Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) had 1 January 2019 about 3.6 million immigrants and 1 million descendants, all together 4.6 million persons with immigrant background. The total population of Norden was 27.2 million, immigrants were 13.3 per cent of the population, descendants 3.7 per cent. Sweden had 51 per cent of the immigrants in Norden, and 38 per cent of the total population.

Why Move Abroad?
When you start planning, you’ll need to work through a long list of important decisions and procedures.

Start Your Planning Today

When you start planning, you’ll need to work through a long list of important decisions and procedures:

* Passport, immigration and registration requirements

* Arranging your finances and getting a bank account

* Accessing and paying for healthcare

* Decisions about property, at home and abroad

* Legal and cultural aspects of employment

* Getting your family, pets and possessions to your new home

* Finding a good education for your children

* Embracing a new language and culture

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through each of these areas in turn, and signpost resources to help.

For now, here are three key questions to ask yourself:

* What are your goals and ambitions for expat life?

* What aspects of the move and expat life are you concerned or worried about?

* How much do you really know about the country you dream of settling in?

Why Move Abroad? written by our Expat team.

Feature image (on top) © Frank Vex/Unsplash


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