Why Scandinavia Should Be On Your Bucket List

Why Scandinavia Should Be On Your Bucket List

When people travel to Europe, it’s often in the summertime, and to the south. The south of Europe is wonderful in the summertime, but the more northern countries are a real treat as well and not something to miss out on. The Nordic countries, also known as Scandinavia, are very unique in their ways. If you haven’t thought about visiting Scandinavia yet, maybe this article will change your mind, and tell you why Scandinavia should be on your bucket list.

The Nordic countries (Scandinavia) include Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. Each country is different, yet there are many similarities. It’s not like you can go to Copenhagen, which is the capital of Denmark, and then expect Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) to be the same. Even the languages are different. Many Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians can communicate well though, but the languages still differ. What many people around the world know Scandinavia for, is the Vikings. If you’re doing a trip to Europe, don’t miss out on Scandinavia, but remember to complete the etias application form, if this is relevant to you.

Image: Credits: Cecilia Larsson Lantz/Imagebank.sweden.se

Why Scandinavia Should Be On Your Bucket List
Clarion Hotel, Stockholm. Photo by Cecilia Larsson Lantz/Swedish imagebank.sweden.sew

Sweden is well known for being home to world-famous music artists throughout the time, as well as having famous designers and warehouse brands. The architecture in Sweden is also worth checking out, especially in Stockholm which is a beautiful city. Sweden has a lot of wilderness, so if you’re dreaming about tranquility and a few nights in a wooden house surrounded by nature, then Sweden is the place. Regarding Swedish foods, you must try out Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry, which you might have heard about.

Why Scandinavia Should Be On Your Bucket List
On board the small ferry Ida, travelling between Bogø and Stubbekøbing. Photo: © Daniel Villadsen/Visit Denmark

Denmark is worth considering as well. In this small Nordic country, you can experience a lot of history and interesting museums. Especially if you’re into the history of the Vikings. Denmark was home to Harald Bluetooth, which you might have heard about. A must-do is experiencing the capital of the country – Copenhagen. Especially in the summer when it’s full of life. Rent a bike, eat smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches) at Nyhavn or sail the channels of the city. Denmark’s traditional dish is fried pork belly with potatoes, beetroots, boiled potatoes, and parsley sauce. This dish is called ‘stegt flæsk med persillesovs’ in Danish.

Why Scandinavia Should Be On Your Bucket List
Fjordcruise on Geiranger Fjord passing Brudesløret waterfall. Photo by Øyvind Heen/fjords.com

Norway is just breathtaking. Over and over again rated as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From snowy high mountains to beautiful fjords, northern lights, wilderness, polar bears, and much more. Norway is truly a destination for nature lovers. Don’t miss out on a visit to the country’s capital Oslo and be prepared for an amazing experience. In Norway the national dish is mutton and cabbage stew also called ‘fårikål’ in Norwegian.

What is Scandinavia well known for?
The living standards in Scandinavia are very good compared to many other countries, in terms of medical care, education and personal income, general well-being, and life quality. Many Scandinavian businesses thrive, and many people have a good life and great jobs. All five countries have free education as well as free medical care, but higher taxes.

Food and drinks
While some dishes vary a lot from each other in the Nordic countries, one thing is for sure. Seafood is very famous. In terms of drinks, Scandinavia is famous for ‘mjød’, beers, and aquavit. You will get your taste buds stimulated with delicious foods and drinks in these countries.

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Feature image (on top): From Brekkesto-Lillesand, Norway © Vidar-Molokken/Visit-Norway