World Famous Norwegian Attraction

World Famous Norwegian Attraction

Now you can experience the breathtaking virtual train journey, The Flåm Railway, in the comfort of your own home. This is one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys and also one of the leading tourist attractions in Norway.

World Famous Norwegian Attraction
Flåm reilway

The 20km train ride runs from the end of Aurlandsfjord, a tributary of the Sognefjord, up to the high mountains at Myrdal Station. The journey displays the very best aspects of Western Norway’s stunning scenery. Want to test the steep railway from the comfort of your home? Now you can watch the stunning Virtual Reality video from the journey, produced by the tourist organization Visit Flåm and Expedia Norway. The video was created on the occasion of the railway’s 75-year old anniversary.

World Famous Norwegian Attraction
Flåm railway runs in the middle of NorwaY

By attaching a 360-degree camera on the train itself, you can from start to finish experience the wild and breathtaking mountain scenery and waterfalls from the comfort of your own home. Filmed by UK marketing agency Verve Search, Virtual Flåm is “a virtual reality train journey”, its creators say, and is also compatible with virtual reality devices to make a “fully immersive 360º video”. . It can even be viewed in virtual reality mode on a smart phone and a set of VR glasses.

Note that its creators recommend using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to get the proper 360-degree experience.

Now wonder this beautiful trip, and one of the steepest train journeys in the world on regular tracks, is increasingly acquiring international attention. Lonely Planet Traveller named it the world’s most incredible train journey of 2014.
Take the Flåm railway from the Sognefjord to Myrdal

According to National Geographic tew 44-minute-long and steep trip is among the top 10 best train journeys in Europe.

World Famous Norwegian Attraction
The spectacular train ride is 20km – and comfortable

Charlotte Gogstad, spokesperson for Expedia, said: “Virtual Flåm is an innovative way to present the spectacular Flåm Railway. It has made it possible to show everyone why this specific train journey is so popular.”

World Famous Norwegian Attraction, written by Tor Kjolberg