World’s Best Oyster – A Wild Swedish Delicacy

World's Best Oyster – A Wild Swedish Delicacy

Oysters are the hallmark seafood of Grebbestad on the Swedish west coast. The shellfish season has started at Tanum Strand and the brothers Peter and Bengt Klemming from Grebbestad work as oyster divers and perform their craft from start to finish – resulting in the world’s best oysters.

The Swedish province of Bohuslän is famous for its shellfish, salt baths and swabs. Grebbestad can also boast of its amazing oysters. The Oyster Academy is headquartered there, and those who participate will meet experts and hear fascinating anecdotes about “Ostrea Edulis”.

World's Best Oyster – A Wild Swedish Delicacy
Oyster safari at Grebbestad

“Oysters have been picked here since the Bronze Age,” says licensed oyster fisher Peter Klemming, “but it’s only the last 10-15 years that our oysters have been available for the common people.”

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World's Best Oyster – A Wild Swedish Delicacy
Peter Klemming

The Klemming brothers deliver about 1000 oysters per week to Tanum Strand and a number of selected luxury restaurants around the country. The oysters are wiped by hand and manually handled.

“The oyster grows wild in our clean sea water, giving them the finest quality and flavor in the world, “says Peter Klemming. The brothers have made Grebbestad known as the center for Swedish oyster fishing. Since they started, both journalists and famous TV cooks have invaded this oyster metropolis.

World's Best Oyster – A Wild Swedish Delicacy
Bengt Klemming

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“Now in winter time, the oyster tastes the best,” says Peter.

Tanum Strand often organizes an “oyster school” on Fridays, in conjunction with the Friday’s seafood buffet. More information on the oyster school is available at the hotel reception.

There you have the opportunity to learn how to open oysters like the pros, ask questions about the Klemmings oysters and of course try these salty, delicious delicacies.

World's Best Oyster – A Wild Swedish Delicacy
Tanum Strand. 90 percent of all oysters in Sweden comes from Grebbestad

At TanumStrand there are 165 hotel rooms and 97 fully equipped, detached cottages. A total of 1100 beds.

The World’s Best Oyster – A Wild Swedish Delicacy, written by Tor Kjolberg