World’s Cleanest Snowmobile

World’s Cleanest Snowmobile

Swedish start-up company Vidde Mobility says it has created the world’s cleanest snowmobile.

The company’s snowmobile Alfa is determined to redefine winter mobility in Swedish Lapland – and elsewhere in winter landscapes. This climate-neutral snowmobile will revolutionize the industry with its electrified and potentially circular solutions.

The project might sound risky: if the batteries fail in the cold, you might be left stranded on the tundra. But the Swedish start-up has joined forces with the best technical resources as well as the renowned Italian design house Pinifarina to develop the world’s cleanest snowmobile.

World’s Cleanest Snowmobile
Launching Vidde Alfa st Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi.

Traditional snowmobiles are a significant source of transport-related emissions in arctic environments. In the short term, switching to an electric product will prevent emissions during usage. However, Vidde’s long-term goal is to have a significant impact by adopting an integrated circular approach. This motivates them to explore advanced sustainable materials, reinforce their Swedish roots and local supply chains as well as driving innovation aligned with their vision.

World’s Cleanest Snowmobile
The company’s snowmobile Alfa is determined to redefine winter mobility in Swedish Lapland – and elsewhere in winter landscapes.

The electric snowmobile is currently in its last stages of testing in Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lappland. Alfa’s clean lines and appealing finishes has a frame that’s partly made from a timber-based biomaterial and has a refreshing lack of engine rumble or fumes.

A presentation, which took place on February 18, 2024 at the IceHotel in Swedish Lapland, marked a significant step towards environmentally friendly snow mobility.

In 2022,  PaperShell and Vidde initiated a joint research project together with RISE, Research Institute Sweden, to see how PaperShell could be used to secure the arctic suitability of this innovative and 100% fossil carbon-free material. All the initial tests point towards that this is a feasible route forward.

The batteries, which are made by Swedish manufacturer Mattr Collective, promise a range of up to 100km on a single charge. Crucially, the Alfa features an intelligent heating system that keeps these batteries warm, increasing their charging speed and helping them to last longer. The internal thermal mechanism ensures the snowmobile can withstand Arctic conditions down to -39°C.

World’s Cleanest Snowmobile
The electric snowmobile is currently in its last stages of testing.

The Vidde Alfa aims to redefine snowmobility by reducing its carbon footprint to less than 100g CO2/km – a significant improvement compared to conventional snowmobiles, which emit around 550g CO2/km.

The zippy acceleration and option to adjusting the seat for comfort to suit different types of terrain are also important properties.

Vidde Mobility has tested the pre-series snowmobile throughout the seasons in partnership with SkiStar, Sveaskog and Skellefteå Kraft as well as the Icehotel. The company emphasizes its commitment to fossil-free transport, taking into account the entire product life cycle, from raw materials to production, use and end of life.

Vidde has about 300 pre-orders and is hoping to start deliveries later this year, with the goal of producing 1,000 units in 2025. The current cost to reserve an Alfa is USD 33,300.

About Vidde

Vidde is an electrified and sustainable snowmobile developed and produced by a Swedish entrepreneurial company based outside of Skellefteå. 7% of CO2 emissions from transport in Norrland is generated by snowmobiles and Vidde’s mission is to become the alternative solution taking part of the green transition happening in the north of Sweden.

World’s Cleanest Snowmobile, written by Tor Kjolberg

All images © Vidde


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