World’s Youngest Editor-in-Chief – From Norway

World’s Youngest Editor-in-Chief – From Norway

Norwegian Elise By Olsen started blogging aged eight and founded the glossy independent Recent Paper when she was 13.  Now 18, she has entered a new publishing venture, Wallet.

Recent Paper, first published in 2013, proved to be a powerful magazine and a publishing sensation, showcasing culture, art and fashion by and for young people with magnificent creativity. Now Elise has decided to step down to make way for the younger generation and to start another sensation, Wallet.

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World’s Youngest Editor-in-Chief – From Norway
Wallet, by Elise By Olsen

Dialogue between admins and authority
The new magazine is in fact sized like a wallet and explores the spaces where commerce, creativity and criticism overlap in fashion. The first issue was themed Admins and Authority and was a dialogue between people with authority and power in the fashion industry. The second issue is dedicated to the future of publishing, featuring interviews and features compiled by famous designers like Alyx Jacquemus and Telfar.

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Nomunated for Guinnes Book if Records
Norwegian by birth, she’s currently living in Portugal, in a converted warehouse space an hour north of Lisbon. For someone of her relatively tender years, her achievements are impressive. There is always a demand for a publication openly discussing fashion and brands in a critical forum.

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World’s Youngest Editor-in-Chief – From Norway
Elise By Olsen’s achievements are impressive

Despite the publication’s compact size, it is meditative and thoughtful. Elise says that each issue will be treated as a separate publication and there will be two more issues this year. After 10 issues she believes her team can cover the same broad topics applied to other industries like art, music, food etc.

World’s Youngest Editor-in-Chief – From Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg

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