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Climate Exhibition in Oslo in the spirit of Alfred Nobel

As part of the 2019 Oslo European Green Capital celebrations, the Nobel Peace Centre puts on an exhibition about climate and environment in the spirit...
Practical Swedish Aquarium for Small Homes

Practical Swedish Aquarium for Small Homes

Swedish designer Charles Törnros, with a passion for purist Scandinavian design, created the award-winning Norrom aquarium in 2016. The Norrom aquarium is a 40 l,...

A Norwegian Summer Playground

South of Norway’s oldest town, Tønsberg, along the eastern side of the Oslo fjord, you arrive at the islands of Nøtterøy and Tjøme. The...
Danish Flair for Design

Danish Flair for Design

When a nation of craftsmen mixed with a late move towards industrialization in the 1900s, an influential new school of design was born in...