Fun Tourist Facts About Sweden’s Border with Norway

Fun Tourist Facts About Sweden's Border with Norway

Europe’s longest border on land is the national boundary between Sweden and Norway, spanning roughly 1,620km. Here you can read about fun tourist facts about Sweden’s border with Norway.

The Swedish border with Norway runs through a diverse range of landscapes from bare mountains and bush areas to picturesque lakes and streams. Boundary markers aside, there are several fun facts that the visitor can add to their knowledge for a better appreciation of these two nations. These pieces of knowledge which can be anecdotes and stories combine entertainment and intrigue to enhance travel experiences. Above all, these facts bring the two places to life adding a depth of understanding of the region and a greater appreciation of the cultural and natural beauty of the area.

Sharing Borders

Boundary markers define sovereignty and governance as well help in administrative control. They are also useful for national security and the control of movement of people/goods. In addition, they help preserve and promote cultural, linguistic, and historical identities as well as enhance international relations. The border between Sweden and Norway was established by the Treaty of Bromsebro in 1645. Further treaties followed where existing borders were supplemented with new markers and some removed. Survey markers are used to define borders demarcating the exact limits of land ownership. They prevent disputes between neighboring countries and provide legal clarity. During World War I, many Norwegians fled to Sweden to seek refuge. At that time, Sweden remained neutral while Norway was under Nazi occupation.

Fun Tourist Facts About Sweden's Border with Norway
Border between Sweden and Norway at KirnsjØ. Photo: Wikipedia

On the other hand, sharing a border can also be convenient. For example, in Marker, a sliver of Sweden spills into Norway which allows visitors to experience both cultures with a short walk.  Did you hear about the legend of savvy shoppers? According to a folktale, shoppers in the Kornsjo use oversized shopping bags to avoid customs duties. However, this is not a practical way to avoid customs as both countries have regulations and duties are based on the value and the quantity of the goods. Items are declared and customs officers typically check luggage and belongings even if they are in oversized baskets.  Other than that, the two countries share a lot culturally and linguistically. Understanding basic Swedish might get you by in Norway and vice-versa. Some border towns also celebrate national holidays of both countries such as Midsummer or Solstice and Constitution Day celebrations.

Breathtaking Beauty Close By

Sweden’s border with Norway boasts spectacular scenery. The eyes can feast on stretches of boreal forests, crystal clear lakes, and majestic mountains that dot the edges. Explore the amazing Fulufjallet National Park and marvel at the stunning Njupeskar Waterfall. It is the highest in Sweden with a height of 93m and a free fall of 70m. Look for the Old Tjikko, an ancient Norway spruce, one the world’s oldest known trees estimated to be more than 9,000 years old. Hike on trails that will take you through diverse landscapes comprising a rich flora and fauna, unique geological features of dramatic cliffs and ravines, and rivers and streams. Get to know to Sami culture through various informational displays and possibly local guides. Sweden’s highest mountain is also near the border.

Fun Tourist Facts About Sweden's Border with Norway
Njupeskar waterfall. Photo: Visit Dalarne.

On the other side of the border is the Femundsmarka National Park, Norway’s hidden gem. It is known for its pristine wilderness and diverse natural attractions. Characterized by rugged landscapes including expansive forests, open heathlands, and rocky terrain, the park offers a quiet place to explore and contemplate. If you’re fond of fishing, Norway’s third largest lake offer opportunities for fishing, boating, and canoeing. Klarälven, a river that flows through Sweden and Norway is a haven for Atlantic salmon. Hence, if you’re an angler with the right permits, cast your line and enjoy the thrill of catching one or two of this magnificent species. The park is also home to a variety of wildlife including bears, wolverines, moose, and reindeer. Like in Sweden, the area has a rich cultural history and remnants of old Sami settlements and traditional summer farms exist.

Fun Tourist Facts About Sweden's Border with Norway
Kayak experience in Sweden. Photo: Visit Sweden

Fun facts add a layer of entertainment and charm to your Scandinavian travels. They are also conversation starters with locals showing an appreciation for their unique culture and enriching travel experiences in the Sweden-Norway border region.

Fun Tourist Facts About Sweden's Border with Norway
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