Rocking Scandinavia

Rocking Scandinavia

Here are 6 of the best new Scandinavian Indie acts that are currently rocking out in Scandinavia.  Zac Green, chief editor of popular music blog believes that music isn’t just a thing you do – it’s a mindset, an attitude, a way of life.

Are you a fan of indie music? Do you love listening to music from bands you’ve probably never heard of? Read on, because here are 6 of the best new Indie acts that are currently rocking out in Scandinavia.

Lykke Li
Li from Sweden isn’t the newest act on this list. Her act has been around for a few years now, but has been predominately in Scandinavia. Her music is a great mix between the elements of Indie and dream pop; with a little bit of electric blended in for good measure. Very different, but her songs have a strange hypnotic way about them.

Siv Jakobsen
Hailing from Norway, this artist is already making waves with over 2 million streams on Spotify. She has produced two albums, both of which include dreamy sounds with beautiful lyrics. The strings, quite prominent in her songs, are a perfect complement to her voice.

Her music can be considered quite mellow and has been compared to a cozy night in.

Elliot has created a very different sound. If you like a weird, dreamlike music that sounds like something David Lynch would like; this is for you. Again from Sweden, this artist was chosen by JaJa as one of the musicians to watch in 2017. His strange music is ideal for any indie lover who really wants a change from the mainstream pop that often dominates the charts.

Sweden certainly can produce music. Hater has a beautiful sound, full of sad but often romantic lyrics. The guitar is the main instrument used in their music to a great effect. Her voice is dreamy and complements their sound perfectly. Not exactly rocking Scandinavia, but is akin to grabbing a warm coffee and sitting next to the fire.

Jacob Faurholt
This Danish artist makes the list as one of the best new musicians to keep a look out for. His song ‘A Lake of Distortion’ has a very unique sound that is not heard often in mainstream pop. His melancholy lyrics are often at conflict with upbeat sounds, but amazingly; it works.

This indie band from Copenhagen produces some truly stunning music. Mixing dream pop, electronic and dark wave; they have created a wonderful sound that is easy listening for any night. They have three core members but keep their music interesting by constantly adding supporting or guest members to add to their sound. A great band to look out for.

There you have it; 6 of the best newish indie musicians that are rocking Scandinavia. Some have enjoyed success in various countries; all are fantastic musicians that deserve to be heard.

Feature image (on top): Jacob Faurholt (Photo: You Tube)

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