The Exhibition “The Cleaner” in Scandinavia

The Exhibition “The Cleaner” in Scandinavia

Scandinavia has been honored with the first major retrospective presentation of Marina Abramovic’s work in Europe this year. First out was Moderna Museet in Stockholm. From there the exhibition travelled to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen where it will be on display through 22 October. 24 November,  the Henie Onstad Museum of Modern Art in Oslo opens its doors for The Cleaner, which will be on display  through 11 March 2018.

Few artists in the world today evoke such strong emotions and reactions as the pioneer of body and performance art Marina Abramović. She has inscribed herself in the history of art as one of the pioneers of body and performance art, and since the 1970s she has developed one of contemporary art’s most radical and uncompromising practices.

The Exhibition “The Cleaner” in Scandinavia
Marina Ambramovic. Image via

“This will be the most extensive presentation of Marina Abramović’s works in Norway ever. We are very proud to be able to take this exhibition to Norway,” says Director Tone Hansen at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter.

Marina Abramović has been expanding the boundaries of art. Using her own body as a vehicle, she has pushed herself to the ultimate limits, often exposing herself to lethal hazards to create performance art that is shocking, challenging and deeply moving.

The Exhibition “The Cleaner” in Scandinavia
Since the 1970s Marina Abramovic has developed one of contemporary art’s most radical and uncompromising practices

In line with Henie Onstad Kunstsenter’s history, the exhibition The Cleaner  at Høvikodden will feature more than 100 works from five decades and presents several of her most famous performance works as films, video installations, live performances, scenographies and photographs from the 1970s to today. It includes works created with the German artist Ulay, her partner in art and life from 1976 to 1988. Several of her early pieces – paintings, photos, sound compositions and works on paper – are shown here for the first time.

The Exhibition “The Cleaner” in Scandinavia
Volcano, by Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović – The Cleaner has been developed in a dialogue with the artist and is organized by Moderna Museet, Stockholm, in collaboration with Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn.

The Exhibition “The Cleaner” in Scandinavia
On Ciacometti, by Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović was born 1946 in the former Yugoslavia. Here she graduated as painter from the academy of art in Belgrade 1970, but quickly abandoned painting in favour of a practice that took place in real time and space in direct encounters between artist and audience. With her sound and performance works she was a formative part of Belgrade’s experi­mental avant-garde scene until 1976, when she moved to Amsterdam and embarked on a close partnership and collaboration for the next twelve years with the German photographer and performance artist Ulay (Frank Uwe Laysiepen, b. 1943)

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