The Crown-Prince of Norway – a Business Ambassador

The Crown-Prince of Norway – a Business Ambassador

When state-owned enterprise Innovation Norway organizes trips for Norwegian companies looking to do business abroad, it sends along a secret weapon: His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Haakon of Norway- a business ambassador.

Crown Prince Haakon (born 1973) graduated from the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy in Bergen in 1995.

The holds a Bachelor in political science from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in development studies from London School of Economics and Political Science. The studies at Berkely started in the autumn of 1996 and he received his Bachelor in 1999. The MA in development studies was completed in London in 2003, with a specialization in international trade and Africa.

The Crown-Prince of Norway – a Business Ambassador
There are many examples of the crown prince’s many business representations

In 2000, the Crown Prince was a trainee with Norway’s delegation to the UN and in 2001, he followed the Foreign Ministry’s trainee program for diplomats.

In 2013, he initiated the SIKT conference. This has become an annual meeting place where young leaders from all sectors of Norwegian society discuss the future of Norway.

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Examples of his many business representations are his visit to Japan in 2019, meeting selected representatives of the Norwegian business community there, offering some insights and updates about the latest news and trends in the Norway-Japan environment.

The Crown-Prince of Norway – a Business Ambassador
In 2022, Edda Aradóttir, CEO of Carbfix, welcomed the Crown Prince at the power plant‘s Geothermal Exhibition in Iceland.

In 2022, Edda Aradóttir, CEO of Carbfix, welcomed the Crown Prince at the power plant‘s Geothermal Exhibition, and Helga Jónsdóttir, chairwoman of ON Power, gave an introduction about the utilization of geothermal power in Iceland.

In April this year, His Royal Highness was on a mission to the US’s West Coast. Busy executives as the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft. Nvidia and Salesforce make time in their schedules when a crown-prince offers to visit their corporate headquarters – more willing perhaps than if it were just a trade minister who came knocking. That said, Norway’s ministers covering trade, industry and digitalization were there too.

The 50-year-old royal is a regular fixture in the head-of-the-country’s trade efforts – and one whose soft-power appeal open doors. Crown Prince Haakon carries out a wide variety of official engagements in Norway every year, focusing especially on entrepreneurship and innovation in Norwegian business, youth and diversity, and nature – with a special regard for the ocean and the issue of climate change.

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The Crown-Prince of Norway – a Business Ambassador
In 2019, the crown prince visite Japan to meet selected representatives of the Norwegian business community there

The heir to the Norwegian throne is a keen participant known to ask probing questions and engage with CEOs. It’s a role that helps the business behind Business Norway, eager to sell solutions for electric cars, maritime transport and digital services to friendly powers such as Germany, the US and the UK – all three of these NATO-allies have received Norwegian business delegations in the past 18 months.

Business Norway is Norway’s official portal showcasing green and sustainable solutions and providing insight into key industries, foreign direct investment opportunities and international events where you can meet Norwegian companies and Team Norway.

Business Norway helps international companies to gain access to the Norwegian market and brings Norwegian companies to the attention of international customers, investors and partners.

The Crown-Prince of Norway – a Business Ambassador, compiled by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top):  His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Haakon. Photo: Jørgen Gomnæs / Det kongelige hoff.

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