Copenhagen’s Oldest Wine Shop

Copenhagen’s Oldest Wine Shop

In Copenhagen’s oldest wine shop Kjær & Sommerfeldt, now also a wine bar, you can choose between 1795 labels, even a Chateau Lafite Rotchild from 1870.

Kjær & Sommerfeldt, founded in 1875, was frequented by the Danish court and Nobel Prize-winner Niels Bohr, who came to buy Bordeaux wine, stored in the cellars in Gl. Mønt 4. Kjær & Sommerfeldt takes great pride in its illustrious heritage as well as its modern business approach. However, not much has been changed, a fact that should please today’s visitors.

Copenhagen’s Oldest Wine Shop
Kjær & Sommerfeldt was founded in 1875

Charles Christian Kjær and Wilhelm Ferdinand Sommerfeldt established the company in 1875. They received a royal warrant, as wine merchant to the King 25 years later. They established their store In Gammel Mønt in 1928, a heritage location that is core to the company’s commitment to its histpry and soil. Since then it has welcomed wine connoisseurs and wine lovers.

Copenhagen’s Oldest Wine Shop
Kjær & Sommerfeldt takes great pride in its illustrious heritage

Today, with a glass of wine in hand in this historic oasis, you can be inspired by the same atmosphere where the Danish cartoonist Storm P signed for his afternoon glass of wine with small drawings.

Copenhagen’s Oldest Wine Shop
Charles Christian Kjær and Wilhelm Ferdinand Sommerfeldt established the company in 1875

Their little 1903 pocket-catalogue lists a chateau-bottled Château Margaux for DKK 5.00 ($0.62), an 1893 Johannisberger for DKK 6.00 and a 1893 Steinberger Cabinet for DKK 6.50. Kjær & Sommerfeldt has always specialized in fine wines from Bordeaux but over the years the portfolio has developed to include classic appellations and vintages as well as inspiring specialty wines.

Copenhagen’s Oldest Wine Shop
Wine tasting at Kjaer & Sommerfeldt

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Kjær & Sommerfeldt has seen many changes, from being a family-owned wine merchant to becoming a corporate business. From 1973 to 2008, the company had a succession of owners: Danish Carlsberg, Finnish Marli Group and Swedish V&S. Then in 2008, Mads Stensgaard, CEO of V&S Wine Denmark, made a management buyout, along with two external investors, Henrik Pedersen and Niels Boel Sørensen, and key employees. Kjær & Sommerfeldt became a privately owned company once again.

Copenhagen’s Oldest Wine Shop
New wine bare at Kjaer & Sommerfeldt

Today it is an ideal place to learn about and enjoy wine. The wine shop has set up some service areas for both private and business customers. The shop, the wine bar and the first floor rooms overlooking the beautiful shop with its colossal, unique PH chandelier in the center, form a framework for wine tasting, wine festivals, conferences, launches and many kinds of experiences in the universe of wine.

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Copenhagen’s Oldest Wine Shop
Mads Stensgaard

The shop where you could buy popular wines is still there, and last month the former smokers’ room was respectfully restored to a new wine bar. There you can choose between 1795 different wines, which, in principle, mean their entire selection. The price is the shelf price plus a fee of DKK 150 a bottle. If you want a Chateau Lafite Rotchild from 1870 or a little more ordinary bottle – the choice is yours.

Every day, the staff selects a special wine to be served by the glass, but there’s also a wine list of 10-20 wines. If you’re hungry tapas plates and snacks are on the menu as well.   .

Copenhagen’s Oldest Wine Shop, written by Tor Kjolberg

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