Essential Swedish Travel Phrase Guide

Essential Swedish Travel Phrase Guide

Swedes can comfortably transact business in English. It is for this, among other reasons that the country attracts such a huge number of foreign tourists. You interact freely with locals and can perform any business without requiring a translator. Get custom thesis help online or other forms of assistance with homework to free your time and make it easy to travel to Sweden or any other country around the world. Here’s your essential Swedish travel phrase guide.

 While Swedes also love using their local language. A few phrases here and there will help you to cement your business relationship. You do not have to learn all the Swedish words and phrases to communicate with locals.

Like all other foreign languages, the Swedish language can be difficult to learn. The words will not make sense sometimes because of the speed of the speaker. In case you miss a word, you may ask the speaker to repeat it slowly.

It is now easy to learn Swedish without enrolling in a language class. The internet offers apps that allow you to create customized lessons. You may also turn to YouTube where tutors offer simplified lessons in the Swedish language. At the same time, you may listen to Swedish podcasts to master a few words.

Swedish is easy to understand if you already know German. The two languages have a similar origin, alongside Danish and Norwegian. Dutch and Icelandic speakers would also find Swedish easy to speak and understand. The language is spoken by more than 10 million people. By understanding Swedish, you will have a better experience and exchange with locals.

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Swedish pronunciation makes learning easier for people who already know English. It is almost similar to English, especially the vowel sounds. Some of the common phrases you will be using in conversations include

  • Yes- Ja
  • Thank You- Tack
  • No- Nej
  • Please- Nalla
  • Hello- Hej
  • Goodbye- Adjö

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Traveling Words
These are common words you will use when moving from one point to another. They refer to transport means, direction, and amenities you may need while you travel. Some of the phrases include

  • Bus – Buss
  • Train – Tåg
  • Train Station – Tågstation
  • Bus Stop – Busshallplats
  • Room available- Lediga rum
Essential Swedish Travel Phrase Guide
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Spending Money
Paying for items and bills is part of every travel experience. You need to know how much you are paying for each item. You can get the best writing service UK to allow you to travel the world while still in college. Here are words to guide you when negotiating prices or making payment

  • Zero- noll
  • One- ett
  • Two- tva
  • Three – tre
  • Four – fyra
  • Five- fem
  • How much is …. – Hur mycket kostar den?

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Essential Swedish Travel Phrase Guide
Photo by Oscar Helgstrand/Unsplash

Tourist Essential Words
For tourists, there are words that you cannot skip when traveling in Sweden. Here are phrases that will endear you to Swedes, guaranteeing one of the best business or tour experiences.

  • My hotel- Mitt Hotell
  • Bank- bank
  • Embassy- Ambassaden
  • What time does… open/close?- Nar öppnar/stänger de?
  • Men- Herrar
  • Women – Damer

Many other words strike a chord with Swedish people when used by tourists. When you speak in their native language, you will enjoy a more cordial relationship for showing the effort to learn their language. The words will help you to get by easily, especially by making many new friends.

Essential Swedish Travel Phrase Guide
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